Santa's Reindeer arrive in early November from the North Pole for a good rest before the big night on Christmas Eve, so don’t forget to come and say hello. There are always carrots about so you can give your favourite a little bribe, to help them speed to your roof top on Christmas Eve....

This year we were lucky enough to have three new additions to the herd, all being well some or all of this years babies will join us at Baytree.

Every year our customers treat Santa's Reindeer to a few carrots which are generously supplied by one of our local farming neighbours.
The money collected for these carrots is divided between a range of charities in the lead up to Christmas. The Charities are will be listed here and the amount donated added as each week passes.

Please note; the carrots are rationed daily so on occasion feeding times are restricted. This is to ensure the health and welfare of our Reindeer is not compromised by over feeding.

About our Reindeer...

Just to answer a few questions that we are asked every year...
We don't hire the reindeer in, they belong to the owner of the garden centre. The reindeer are kept on a small private farm in a large, fenced paddock located a few miles from the garden centre. They have access to a large barn and also enjoy the shelter of trees. The barn is heavily laid with straw and generally speaking the reindeer sleep there. They are fed twice daily to supplement their grazing with a hard feed rich in vitamins and minerals and with various fruits and vegetables. They are particually fond of grapes and apples, they love hedge clippings and of course carrots! They and have ample fresh water, which is refreshed daily.
They are vacinated and wormed. They are very content and most are quite happy to be fussed. Our herd consists of eleven females of various ages, two castrated males around four years old and another male (in tact) born in May this year. (see the video "First Steps", on this page)

While at Baytree their food is monitored and limited, so as not to over feed. They are cleaned frequently every day and have a "private" area they can retire to when they wish to. They seldom do hide as they enjoy the company of people as well as other deer. If any of the reindeer show any kind of stress or ill health they would immediately be taken home and given any treatment they require.