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Cage Birds


Our bird centre is filled with wonderful species from all around the world! We have a wide range including Parakeets, Budgies, and many more species which are available for you to take home with you today, apart from Alfie, our chatty Macaw!

All the feeds to help keep your bird healthy and happy are available next to the bird centre along with toys and accessories to keep them busy throughout the day.

We have all the cages you could possibly want for your birds including homes for tiny baby Canary's to big powerful Parrot's; in styles which will suit all different bird loving personalities.

Here at Baytree Pets and Aquatics our trained and passionate experts are always on hand to give any advice on caring for your feathered friends so don't hesitate to ask.



We have a great selection of reptiles in our pets and aquatics centre including species from all over the world. Our current stock list has a great range of invertebrates, lizards, amphibians, tortoise/turtles and of course snakes.

We have a wide choice of vivariums to house your reptiles and all the lighting and heating accessories to help keep them healthy and at the right temperature.

We also have a great selection of livefoods, including mealworms, locusts, crickets and many more. We stock up every week to guarantee that we have the insects you're looking for to treat your cold blooded friends!

Our reptile experts are always on hand to give you the best advice on what your pet needs to stay healthy and well. So don't hesitate to call us on 01406 372814 or e-mail us at

Wild Bird Care


Visit our wild bird care section for all the feeds and accessories to attract different kinds of birds all year round.

We stock premium wild bird seed from 1kg - 20kg bags! We also have special seed mixes that include no grow, high energy, woodland crumble, robin, sparrow, blue tit, finch, blackbird, song thrush, squirrel and hedgehog feed.

If you are looking for straight feeds then we also have plenty for you to choose from including peanuts, sunflower hearts, black sunflower and niger seed.. and don't forget the suet balls and treats!

Feeders are also available for all of the feeds above, plus nesting boxes, bird baths, bird tables, feeding stations and insect/bee boxes.

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Visit our online shop to view our some of our extensive ranges of Pet and Aquatic accessories and feeds.


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Cats & Dogs


In our Cat and Dog section we offer a wide range of products which will keep your four legged friends in fabulous condition, along with all the feeds to suit all types of breeds and budgets. You are guaranteed to find the toys, feeds, beds or accessories that you are looking for, in our diverse and admirable pet centre.

Amazing ranges of toys and and treats will keep your pets entertained for hours! We also have on offer a wide range of beds to help them settle down for a cosy sleep at night, including beds for tiny kittens and also for the largest of dogs.

We are always willing to give advice on caring for your pet so don't hesitate to ask us in store or call us on 01406 372814. If you prefer to e-mail us, then feel free to do so at

We look forward to seeing you, AND REMEMBER! your pets are welcome here in most areas of the garden centre so don't be scared to bring them along.

Small Furry Animals


Our furry animal section is filled with a whole range of species from tiny mice to cute fluffy rabbits, we sell all the normal species as well as the more exotic animals.

We stock a wide range of feeds to keep your pet in tip-top condition, as all of the treats and toys to keep them entertained throughout the day.

If you're looking for the perfect cage for your pet then look no further; we have a huge variety of cages guaranteed to suit them. We have cages which are suitable to house tiny harvest mice, and hutches that will give your rabbit or guinea pigs the room to kick up their heels and have a chance to play!

Here at Baytree Pets and Aquatics our trained and passionate experts are always on hand to give any advice on caring for your furry friends so don't hesitate to ask.



Here at Baytree we pride ourselves on our Aquatics Centre! Although we are primarily a garden centre, we also have one of the largest Pet Centres in the UK and a vast majority of the centre is filled with wet and wonderful creatures!

We have over 100 indoor tropical and coldwater tanks filled with beautiful, colourful fish, that have the capability to lighten up any room! We guarantee that you will be astounded by our range of fish and ensure that we have what you are looking for!

As well as indoor fish we also stock a wide range of pond fish, liners and water features to accessorise the area! Please note we do not stock pond fish during late autumn, winter or early spring because it is too cold for them! However throughout late spring, summer and early autumn we stock plenty.