The Garden Centre is now open from;

9 am - 5 pm Mon - Sat
10 am - 4 pm Sundays

In line with government guidelines and for the safety of our customers and staff, the way you shop at Baytree has changed. We have adopted new routes through the centre and this guide should help you plan your journey.
Please be assured we have done our upmost to make your shopping experience at Baytree as safe and enjoable as possible. However, we need your help to make it the same for every one

Please be patient, be polite, be understanding and be alert, so those around you can enjoy shopping safely.

Shopping at Baytree during lockdown easement.
revised June 14th 2020

When parking try not to park next to another vehicle, if you have to please ensure the area around your car is free from other customers and staff before exiting your vehicle. Naturally we ask you to use the same courtesy when returning to your car.

We will limit the number of people coming into the Garden Centre to ensure safe distancing can be observed easily by customers and staff. Please consider that you may be asked to queue outside. We will all have to be patient and considerate.

Hand sanitisers are placed around the centre for customers and staff to use, as well as extra cleaning products to wipe down your trolley or basket. Please use them.

We would prefer you wear a face mask.

We are now operating a one way system around the centre with one entrance and one exit, please use the map in this leaflet to navigate the centre, or just ask a member of staff if you are unsure.

One toilet is available on request. We hope to opoen catering facilities very soon (early July) in line with health authority recommendations.

Please do not shop against the flow, there will be opportunities to loop back to areas you wish to reshop, or ask a member of staff, we’ll fetch anything you’ve missed and bring it to you. And of course, you can always come again!

Please try to shop on your own to help reduce the number of people in-store at any one time. We understand that this is not always possible, and will allow customers to be accompanied when it is absolutely necessary.
Regretably we still cannot allow dogs or other pets into the centre, with the exception of assistance dogs.
New floor markings will help you to keep a safe distance from others while waiting to pay.

We have installed protective screens at our checkouts. We ask that you follow the instructions offered to you at the till to maintain safe and easy flow through this process.
If possible, use card or contactless payments.

Above all we ask that our customers respect to social distancing measures put in place by the government to protect us all and to ease the pressure on the NHS. We are delighted to be able to reopen but do not wish to jeopardise the health or well being of any of our customers or staff.

Thank you and Stay Safe

Your new journey through Baytree...

Download this map.    Download the full leaflet.

The Main Garden Line

Is the main Route from entrance to exit and provides access to all other areas except the Pet Department and the Franchise Shops at the southern end of the centre. This route comprises of Giftware, Solar Lighting, Garden Sundries, Chemicals & Fertilisers, Lawncare, Watering, Bedding Plants, Vegetable Plants, Garden Furniture and Barbecues, Houseplants, Seeds and Clothing. Please be aware that customers may join this route from other areas, please be respectful and allow these customers safe social distance as they rejoin the main route.

The Landscape Line
Can be accessed from opposite the Lawncare section on the Main Garden Line. This area contains Garden Statues, Water Features, Outdoor Benches and Gazebos, Chimineas, Slabs, Aggregates and Trellis and Fencing products. This route feeds back into the Main Garden Line in the Giftware section where a till is located to pay for any products purchased in this area. Products too bulky for a trolley will be taken to the collection point where you can pick them once you have completed your journey through the rest of the centre. Please be respectful and allow other customers safe social distance as you rejoin the main route.

The Plant Line
 Is accessible by turning right from anywhere along the tunnel outside the Houseplant Department. This area contains the bulk of our shrubs, herbaceous perennials, herbs, vegetable plants, alpines, trees and many other ornamental plants. It is also where you’ll find our extensive range of Pots. This area contains some narrow walkways; please be courteous and patient here and do not enter the narrow aisles unless they are free. You should rejoin the Main Garden Line under the large section of the A frame located at the end of the tunnel. This will lead you into the building where the checkouts and exits are located.

The Fruit Line
By definition this area contains all our fruit stock, trees and bushes, as well as roses and a few other ornamental plants. Access by turning left from anywhere along the tunnel outside the Houseplant Department and rejoin under the same tunnel to take you back to the Main Garden Line.

The Pet Department.
Is only accessible from the dedicated Pet Entrance located next to the Main Exit. The Garden Centre is not accessible from the Pet Department.

The South Park.
Some of these outlets may not yet be open due to restrictions on the nature of their business, please check before you travel.
This area contains the following retail Franchises. The Antique Centre, The Arts and Crafts Centre, Hidden Beauty and the Hair Pavilion. It is accessible from the South Car Park; turn left at the mini roundabout when exiting Baytree, the South Car Park is located around 100m on the left. The Garden Centre is not accessible from this area.

Doodles, The Record Shop, The Owl Centre and The Mower Centre are all accessible from the Garden Centre - Follow the Main Garden Line to the Landscape Line.

The Checkouts.
Are now located by the exit next to the Pet Department, on arrival you will join one queue for three tills and be called in turn to the next available till. While waiting we request you remain two metres from others by adhering to the spacing marked out on the floor. It would also be helpful if you sort the products in your trolley so that all barcodes are showing so they can be easily scanned at the till. At the till place your trolley by the gap in the counter and then step back to allow our cashiers to scan the goods. If you require compost you pay for it at this point before collecting it from the collection point which is located just beyond the Main Entrance. Please consider that communication can sometimes be difficult from behind the Perspex screen as it deflects sound as well as airborne particles.