Welcome to Baytree, much more than just a garden centre. It is a wonderful world of endless discovery, where both the specialist and beginner can explore every aspect of gardening in breathtaking display of over 16 acres of retail area.
It is the sheer scale and diversity which you will find so amazing. There’s a surprise around every corner and new attractions and changing themes await you every time you call. Each of our departments is brimming with inspiration for your garden and your home.

Explore the centre here or pay us a visit, but remember to give yourself plenty of time there's so much to discover and so much to see...

How it all began

Reinhard Biehler left his native Bavaria in 1964 to seek work as a rose budder in Lincolnshires thriving rose industry. He travelled from Germany on his Heinkel Tourist scooter, which is still on display here at Baytree. He started rose budding at Market Deeping, later getting a job at for Geest in 1970.This job involved budding roses in a field opposite Baytree House, which was then only a 7 acre small holding. By this time Reinhard had married a local girl and started a family so he decided to buy the house and in September 1970 started trading from a market stall on the side of the road. Reinhard and Yvonne worked hard and soon business was booming. Before long the small stall had become a shop with selection of raised beds sporting various shrubs and of course plenty of roses. Reinhard's insatiable appetite for growing and selling were the talk of the area and word soon spread, more buildings sprouted and soon a cafe and tarmac car parks where added. Every year seemed to spawn a new building, a new range of products, the snowball had gathered pace and nothing seemed to stop it, and it's still rolling! Forty years on and Baytree is one of the biggest garden centres in the UK, Wembley stadium would fit inside the boundary of the Garden Centre. Every department seems to be able to boast about it's size, and we fill each one with a comprehensive range of products to suit every taste and budget. The awards have been rolling in for decades, not just for our display work around the country but also in recognition of our customer service and value for money at the garden centre. Baytree is still very much a family business, all three daughters and their husbands now help to run the centre and of course, Reinhard is still around in his never ending quest to become good friends with every customer he meets . There are now over 100 members of staff at Baytree, some have been here almost as long as Reinhard! People in the garden centre industry talk about the size of Baytree. People who visit us talk about the diversity, the inspiration they glean from the displays, the value for money they get, the fun they have here, the friendly, knowledgeable staff and of course their new best friend from Germany.

Reinhard (left) in 1964
The original plot in 1970, the "Barn" (the black building in the centre) is still part of the garden centre today.
Award winning displays
Famous Phoneboxes
Always in bloom
At home in the rose fields
Baytree today, truly much more than just a garden centre


Coaches Welcome

Baytree Garden Centre is a popular destination for both day trips and short stops. Our diversity of products and attractions gives your passengers plenty to do and there's a few quiet corners for drivers and operators to disappear into should the mood take you!

There's no need to book in unless you require a special service, such as seating together or set meals, in the Restaurant. Please consider we cannot offer a dedicated service in the restaurant on certain days, so please ring 01406 372819 to confirm if you require it.

Coaches of any size are always welcome at Baytree. There's plenty of dedicated parking and any driver bringing more than 15 customers into the restaurant gets a free meal (for full terms and conditions see below).
Simply print out the voucher and bring it along to the Restaurant. Although it is not necessary to book coaches in to visit us, we would appreciate a phone call if you are bringing a large number of people into the restaurant, just so we can be ready for you! Contact the Restaurant directly on 01406 372819

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Driver Voucher.

Click here to print your voucher T&C's apply (see below)

Voucher Terms and Conditions

Free meal vouchers are for use by legitimate coach drivers only. The voucher will only be redeemed if the restaurant staff are satisfied that the bearer is responsible for bringing at least 15 paying customers into the restaurant. The voucher is valid on the day of the visit only and must be surrendered on use. The restaurant staff reserve the right to refuse use of the voucher. The voucher is non transferable. Please contact us on 01406 372819 before your planned visit to allow us to validate your voucher quickly upon your arrival.

We love dogs!

Dogs are welcome throughout the centre, we prefer them to be on a lead and would ask owners to tidy any mess.
For obvious reasons we can’t allow any dogs except assistance dogs into the dining areas. However our restaurant has a dedicated dog area at the rear of the building adjacent to the toilets. Should you visit us on your own with your dog just ask a member of staff and we will find someone to bring you your food and drink.
The Coffee Lounge has an outside seating area (seasonally), simply place your order at the counter and we’ll bring it to your table.

Covid19 Stratergy April 23rd 2020

Our Pet department remains open from 10am - 3pm Monday to Saturday for the supply of essential pet products. We will continue to operate our click and collect, call and collect and local delivery services for the foreseeable future.

We feel we are providing a valuable service to our customers to help them through this difficult lockdown period.

The garden centre is closed to the public. However a comprehensive range of all our products is available online or via our telephone ordering service.

Please note in line with stay home stay safe, we strongly advise select delivery for your purchases and only use the collection service if purchasing essential pet products or as part of an essential journey in line with the government guidelines on the current lockdown.

If you are an NHS worker, please let us know and we will deliver to you at a time convenient to you.

We are happy that we are operating in a responsible and safe manner; We are limiting customer numbers into the pet department and maintaining good social distances at all times.
Customers arriving for collections are remaining safely in their cars while our staff load the goods into the vehicles. The call and collect service (01406 370242) operates 10am to 3pm Monday - Saturday. However for the mental and physical wellbeing of our staff we will close on Sundays until further notice.

Our online shop will of course be open 24/7.

Again we must thank our customers for their continued support and our incredible staff for their compassion and understanding at this very difficult time for all of us.

Stay safe everybody.

Covid19 Announcement - Sunday 22nd March

In this constantly changing climate we find ourselves making decisions and reacting to government policy and public feeling on an almost hourly basis.

With that in mind from Monday 23rd March we will be limiting visitors to our garden centres with a strict one in one out policy, to allow for good “Social distancing” between all people on site.

As a family run business for almost 50 years we see our customers as friends, we put their safety and the safety of our staff as our highest priority.

Sadly for the first time we must disallow dogs from entering the site and we will cease serving takeaway food and drinks with immediate effect.

We will continue to take orders by telephone for customer collection for plants and gardening sundries, pet products and our farm shops.

In a few days our bedding plants will be ready for sale and if able we will sell these from the car park a drive thru bedding and compost shop.

We are inclined to think that a lockdown is imminent and we will have to close completely, we will of course keep you informed of such closures.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued support over the years and particularly these last few days. We hope to soon see the end of this virus and a return to normality. Until then, enjoy your gardens and above all stay safe.

New procedures to help protect customers and staff from the coronavirus outbreak.

The safety of both our customers and staff here at Baytree is paramount and always will be.
From today the steps outlined below are being implemented to reduce the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

 With immediate effect we will;

Issue sanitising equipment to all till points;
Where possible the till area and till equipment, particularly the chip and pin devices, should be sanitised between customers to prevent the spread of infection. Telephones should also be wiped down after use.

Position sanitising gel stations at the entrances;
Customers and staff should be encouraged to sanitise their hands regularly. Signs will be placed around the centre to emphasise the importance of hand washing.

Ensure till points that are open are spaced sufficiently;
Government guidelines specify a two metre “safe zone” between people. Signs will be place to encourage people to observe this distance where possible.

Encourage the use of credit cards instead of cash;
Cash is known to be unhygienic due to the fact that we don’t know where its been before it came in to our possession.

Create more space between Restaurant and Coffee Shop tables;
Again to encourage the safe zone. We will also increase the number of outdoor tables to allow people to dine outdoors if they wish.

Ensure all non automatic doors are wedged open;
To prevent or minimise hand contact all doors should be kept open where possible.

In general terms we need to give our customers space to shop and to be sanitising frequently and thoroughly. Latex gloves will be made available for any staff that wish to use them; please remember gloves do not make you immune to infection.
Should any member of staff begin to feel unwell, particularly if you experience a dry chesty cough and/or high temperature please let a member of management know and self isolate immediately and contact 111 for medical advice.